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Guide to PRIVACY & Shipping | Leather Jackets in US

  1. Delivery Time:
    Delivery of the order is around 7-9 working days. In case the product is not delivered within the required time, immediately advise us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
  2. Shipment:
    All produced are originated at our warehouse , located in Overseas. We use express courier service such as DHL and FedEx that are widely known for fast and secure shipping. You will receive a code to track the status of your order. The courier tracking number is provided by us. This facility helps close watch of the movement of the shipment towards its final destination. In case you’re not available at the arrival time, please do notify someone to pick it up and sign the order for you. Or just contact the courier service to reschedule the shipment.
  3. Acknowledgment:
    After placing the order, you will receive a receipt that includes complete invoice detail of the product. If not, then it should be known that your order was not registered into our system. To clarify, contact the concerned person via email.
  4. Tracking Details:
    We will send you a tracking code to remain updated with the progress of the shipment. This notice includes date of shipment and expected delivery date.
  5. Late Delivery:
    If any means, the order fails to arrive at the location. The amount will be returned or a replacement shipment will be sent accordingly. You can also inform us about the late delivery by sending the tracking code to check the status further.
  6. In Case of Damage/Defect:
    If you received a damaged or defected product, quickly return it within the 7 days of time.

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